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Robert Scoble Interviews Healthline's CEO

Image representing Robert Scoble as depicted i...Image via CrunchBaseRobert Scoble, co-author of Naked Conversations, interviews Healthline's CEO West Shell. The interview was recorded by a jerky, hypercaffeined Scoble on a handheld Flip Mino camera. The video, from Fast Company, is posted below.
This is a dramatically big web company. Crunchbase says it has 4.2 million unique visitors a month. So, getting his point of view on anything is interesting, but hearing his view on the economy at this time is even more interesting (he is seeing an effect even on his company, so my advice that healthcare will be recession resistant might not have been that good, although he says they are setup very well to thrive long term)...

He also tells me about the recent Health 2.0 conference, the efforts of Google and Microsoft in the healthcare market, privacy of your health records, among other things, including what he thinks Barack Obama will be able to get done in healthcare if he’s elected President.

This is a good time to rereview the growing number of services offered by Healthline. These include learning centers, on topics including pregnancy, diabetes, and hypertension; featured diseases and conditions, including anemia, gout, and headache; a drug database, including a drug interaction checker, pill identifier, and drug comparison; a symptoms search (for abdominal pain, joint pain and many other conditions); featured videos with transcripts; tools which include a food safety quiz and sleep quiz; a health products marketplace, and blogs written by health experts on a broad array of topics which include cancer treatment, freedom from smoking, pregnancy and childbirth, health awareness, health policy and search, wilderness medicine, emergency medicine, technology in medicine (which you are currently reading), teen health, nutrition, and fitness.

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