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My Picks for This Week's Best of Healthline Blogs

You know, I'm one of a bunch of great bloggers here at Healthline, and I wanted to point you to my highlights of this last week:

Paul Auerbach reports on the latest stingray attack in "Another Stingray Attack". Attacks are so rare, it's strangely so close in timing to Steve Irwin's deadly injury.

Dr. Bob Norris advises you to call 911 for chest pain of the sort he describes in "Chest Pain? Don't Wait!". So many folks come to my PAMF Urgent Care with heart attacks, and we send 'em right over to the ER. Then again, plenty of folks don't have a heart attack, and I have the pleasure of reassuring them in Urgent Care.

There are plenty more great posts over at the other bloggers, so scroll down and read all about them below.

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