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Medical Uses of the iPhone (Part 2)

I'm back. I was away on vacation in the North woods of Minnesota, in a cabin by a lake, without Internet or mobile phone service. Very different from life in New York City, and a quiet place to read, write, and think.

So of course, when I returned I bought an iPhone.

This wasn't a surprise. I've written about potential medical applications of the iPhone and I've agonized over significant usability issues for those switching to the iPhone from the Treo or Blackberry. So I knew what I was getting into. And like 90% if iPhone users, I'm very satisfied. It really is worthy of the hype.

Previously I discussed potential medical uses for the iPhone for both providers and patients. I'm interested in ways that people are using the iPhone for health care. Here are a few examples and resources:

The Life Record electronic medical record has an interface for the iPhone.

Dr. Salvatore Volpe writes the iPhone Medicine Blog.

Medical Marketing and Media
wonders whether physicians will get their continuing medical education credits on the iPhone. (As an aside, I routinely email myself articles from UpToDate and read them later on the iPhone.)

Unbound Medicine offers access to multiple reference materials formatted for the iPhone.

Heart Imaging Technologies offers a system for viewing medical images on the iPhone.

In the future, I'll be writing more about the iPhone and medicine. If you're aware of any medical resources for the iPhone, or if you have ideas for potential applications, please feel free to comment.
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