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Jay Parkinson, Myca, and Hello Hello Health Watch

I previously wrote about Dr. Jay Parkinson on Tech Medicine. He runs an innovative practice, primarily for the uninsured, involving housecalls and the integral use of email and instant messaging to facilitate communication with patients.

In association with Myca, Dr. Parkinson is launching a project called hello health:
Yesterday, we at Myca, announced hello health at the Health 2.0 conference in San Diego. hello health is the consumer brand of healthcare delivery powered by the Myca platform. It’s Geek Squad with doctors and a Netflix-priced monthly membership subscription fee — it is a branded healthcare “experience” that mixes “concierge service for all,” with house/office calls and web visits via email, IM, video chat, and text messaging. It’s Fed Ex, Apple, Whole Foods, Amazon, Toyota, Fresh Direct, and Geek Squad all applied to healthcare delivery.
Specifically, the Myca platform provides the following services:
* Video, voice and data communications across multiple platforms and channels, including mobile phones and PCs
* Practice automation through documenting and archiving of communication
* Intelligent system offers rules to validate diagnoses delivered through a compelling, easy-to-use interface
* On-line personal health records
* Secure access to each interaction for patients and doctors
* Integrated scheduling and billing
* Integration with remote monitoring devices and services
* Online prescriptions with dosage guardrails and medication interactions alerts
* Automatic medical coding for diagnostics and therapy
* Ability to add nutrition and wellness features to support preventive medicine
Here's a video of Dr. Parkinson and a demonstration of Myca's interface.

Further coverage of hello health will follow.

Also posted on The Efficient MD.
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