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An Introduction to Medical Podcasts (Part 4)

In part 1, I briefly introduced podcasts and iTunes. In part 2, part 3, and in this post, I'll introduce some of my favorite medical podcasts. After logging in to the iTunes store, each of these podcasts can be found by typing the name of the podcast in the "Search iTunes Store" box in the upper right corner of the screen.

NPR (National Public Radio) "Your Health" podcast is an eclectic roundup of the best recent radio shows involving personal health and fitness. Recent topics have included monitoring food imports, pharmaceutical advertisements, restless legs syndrome, and autism.

Some stories in the NPR Health and Science podcast overlap with the "Your Health" podcast, but in addition to medical topics, it also includes items about science and space. Recent topics include states' role in funding stem cell research, sterilizing organ transplants, and efforts to control tuberculosis.

Science & the City is "The Webzine of the New York Academy of Sciences." Each week it features interviews and conversations with noted scientists and authors. Recent topics of interest have included professor Steven Pinker discussing the neurophysiology of the brain, conversations with the top competitors in the NYC Science and Engineering Fair, the science of bioluminescence, and an interview with Harriet Washington on "medical apartheid."

Sound Medicine is a high-quality, professional podcast produced by the Indiana University School of Medicine. Designed for a general audience, it's also interesting for health care professionals. Recent topics have included cell phones in hospitals, the neuroplasticity of the brain, tanning addiction, and medical tourism in Thailand.

More favorite podcasts can be found in this post on Kidney Notes.
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