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An Introduction to Medical Podcasts (Part 2)

These posts are for two types of people: those who already own an iPod or other digital music player, are familiar with podcasts, and are interested in listening to new medical podcasts... and those who don't yet have an iPod and want a quick introduction to podcasts -- which, in my opinion, is a major reason to get one.

In Part 1, I briefly introduced podcasts and iTunes. In this section. I'll introduce some of my favorite medical podcasts. They vary widely. Some are technical and are designed for physicians and specialists; some are specifically designed to explain health issues to people with no medical background. I've included both types of podcasts to give a sense of the breadth available.

(All these podcasts can be easily found by typing the podcast name in the "Search iTunes Store" box in the upper right corner of the screen.)

ACC (American College of Cardiology) Conversations is a technical podcast designed primarily for cardiologists and other physicians interested in cardiovascular disease. Topics include the use of aspirin, cholesterol lowering medications, anti-hypertensives, and the implications of recent trials for the treatment and prevention of heart disease. The conversations are typically fast-paced, sharp, informative, and keep your attention. New podcasts are released every few months.

Every Monday, Jane Brody, the "Personal Health" columnist for the New York Times, releases the Health Update podcast. These are quick, focused, non-technical explanations of common medical issues. Recent podcast topics include communicating with physicians, concussions, and screening for Down Syndrome in pregnancy.

The Johns Hopkins Health News Podcast is a high-quality, entertaining round up of the week's medical news. Dr. Rick Lange, chief of clinical cardiology at Hopkins, and Elizabeth Tracey, director of the Hopkins Health NewsFeed, offer nontechnical commentary on the implications of current medical studies and recent news.

Listen to the Lancet is the podcast of the Lancet, a British medical journal. It includes lengthy, in-depth interviews with authors of recent articles in the journal. (The interviews vary in their technical nature.) Recent podcast topics include screening for cystic fibrosis, the nature of jet lag, and global efforts to control tuberculosis.

Introductions to more medical podcasts will follow in part 3.
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