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Gracefully Good Doctor

It's been a week since I've been back, but my return from Singapore is still fresh in mind:

I had the severe misfortune of continuing the fevers and chills while en route, here on the ground as well. In fact, after a fitful night, I went to work, looked miserable so Charlie Weiss insisted that I check in as a patient. Sure enough, I had a 102 degree fever, and he suspected influenza. I thought the severity of my fever, chills, green sputum i coughed up and muscle aches would buy me antibiotics, but I was wrong. Charlie sent me home with Tamiflu.

Thank God! I was feeling better the next day, but spent it in bed resting. I didn't think I was up to running around the clinic seeing patients just yet.

Sure enough, the next day, the test results were released: I had influenza A. But this was June friends asked quizzically? Ah, but I just came back from the equator where they have the good fortune of getting flu from both hemispheres equally, all year round. At least I wasn't around any flocks of chickens ;)

This is a shoutout to my buddy Charlie: Thanks for being a gracefully good doctor. You took care of me and sent me home, which means more work for you that day and the next, since I wasn't working along side you! Thanks for seeing my patients!

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