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Au Revoir! So Long!

It's been a pleasure sharing with you here over the last year, but all good things must come to an end and lead to new beginnings. I'm handing the reins of Tech Medicine to the very capable Joshua Schwimmer MD, FACP, FASN, (also the author of KidneyNotes)--a blogging friend who's not only from the specialty I have the most respect for in terms of raw brilliance (Nephrology), but also one of those in the medblogosphere who's most on top of technologies that are helpful to those looking for health information. He's surprised me many times with his mastery of social networking and Web2.0 tools and is someone that I think will get asked the question I'm asked all the time: "How do you keep up with all of these new technologies and keep up with medicine?" He's someone that I trust to do both.

The reason I've been so scarce here and elsewhere in the blogosphere is that my work has required more of me. Here's where you'll find me on the web:
My own blogs:
Medmusings where I've waxed poetic for 4 years
My speaking bio woefully in need of an update
Vox where I share more personally

Hope to keep up with you all at Grand Rounds and other Health Blogging / Medbloggin venues.
Until then, enjoy!
- Enoch Choi
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Dr. Schwimmer's blog explores the intersection of medicine, new technologies, and the Internet.