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4 Patients Can't Breathe Due To Botulism Contamination

More on this when I'm not so beat: 4 patients are paralyzed and dependent on a ventilator to make them breathe after suffering from the toxic effects of Botulism toxin traced back to unrefrigerated Bolthouse Farms carrot juice:

The carrot juice consumed by these four patients was manufactured by Bolthouse Farms, Inc., and distributed in all 50 states, Mexico, Canada, and Hong Kong with the labels "Bolthouse Farms 100% Carrot Juice," "Earthbound Farm Organic Carrot Juice," and "President's Choice Organics 100% Pure Carrot Juice." Investigations of these cases by state and local health departments and investigations of the manufacturer by FDA are ongoing. On September 29, GDPH and the Georgia Department of Agriculture recommended that Georgia residents not purchase or consume Bolthouse Farms carrot juice. The same day, the FDA warned consumers not to drink Bolthouse Farms carrot juice with "best if used by" dates of November 11, 2006 or earlier (i.e., all bottles produced before the date the warning was issued), and Bolthouse Farms issued a voluntary recall of these products. Additional information regarding the recall is available from the Bolthouse Farms website (pdf) or from FDA (telephone, 888-723-3366).

Suspected botulism cases should be reported immediately to local or state public health officials, who then should call the 24-hour CDC Emergency Operations Center at 770-488-7100; the center will immediately connect them with an on-call botulism specialist. Health-care providers and public health officials are encouraged to inquire specifically about consumption of carrot juice as part of the food history of suspect botulism cases. Additional information on botulism is available at the CDC.

via Dr. Nancy Reyes, Taraneh Razavi.

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