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Stepping Back

Since I will be contributing to this blog in the future I thought it might be useful to provide more of an introduction. I suspect my colleagues and fellow bloggers will do so shortly. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am a first year resident at the Stanford-Kaiser Emergency Medicine program. This means that I am still uncomfortable with being called Dr. Menon. I am still unsure if that will change in two months when I become a second year resident this June. Our program is a 3 year program, providing a short but intense immersion into emergency medicine.

My first introduction to emergency medicine came by way of a procedures course in medical school. After practicing intubation and drawing arterial blood gases (ABG) my curiosity was more than piqued. That interest quickly solidified into a passion after a spending a month in the ED as a medical student and working as the hour flew by unnoticed. It was the broad base of clinical problems, the added mixture of procedures, the general applicability of emergency medicine, and of course the excitement and chaos that attracted me to this field. It seemed like the easiest way I could help people and something I could do anytime and anywhere. So far, I'm happy with that decision.

When I am not in the ER I spend my time with the people around me, or flight instructing in the bay area, or playing basketball versus 20 year-old students at the Stanford gym (while trying to preserve my meniscus). I've never had much money but what little I have had I spent on traveling. I'm not sure if that qualifies as an addiction.

I hope to combine my interests in the future and practice emergency medicine oversees or in the vein of aerospace medicine by working with NASA.
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About the Author

The Stanford Emergency Room is the center of emergency care at Stanford University.