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Haiti Update: Life Goes On

Editor's Note: Healthline blogger and Stanford University emergency medicine instructor Dr. Anil Menon is in Haiti to help with the global effort to provide medical care in the wake of the January 12 earthquake. Because communication outlets are limited, he has been sending updates to his mother via text message. She has been transcribing those messages for us so we can pass them along to you. Please know, these updates are being relayed directly from Dr. Menon, and the information, at times, is graphic and might be emotionally difficult for some people to read. We will be posting new updates as we receive them in the days ahead. 

January 24, 2010

Apparently, not everyone got hurt in the earthquake. I wouldn't have known it from what I saw. A young kid was playing with his ball amidst the rubble and I realized that life moves on, no matter the magnitude of the problem. I'm worried that we will move on and forget the external fixtures that protrude from so many legs, or a nation full of amputees and without infrastructure. Greg Feldman told me he wanted to wrap up his residency in time to contribute to the continued surgical effort later this year. That’s a sign of true valor and concern and commitment.

Anil Menon

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