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The ER is Wide Open

Emergency medicine became an easy choice for me once I learned how big emergency rooms could really be. The best example is my current shift. At this moment, I am writing an email from a satellite-enabled laptop in the Sahara Desert. Finally, I feel like a real blogger, connected to the internet, even on the road. This email is sent from the site of racing the planet which is a race I am currently working to support.

The white sand is beautiful, matched by a compilation of stars more visible then ever before. It is so clear in the sky without a moon that I see a shooting star every few minutes. I'm almost running out of wishes.

Most of the racers will be running a marathon-a-day for the beginning of the week, and then running a double marathon to finish off their race...five grueling days.

My job will be to fix their feet which receive the brunt of their effort. It is a well-refined technique to address abused feet. The best thing is preparation, avoiding friction, noticing worn areas, and protecting them with tape.

If that fails, and it probably will, we then protect the blister with a donut and cover it with 2nd Skin. Most people recommend not popping it because the blister provides a protective barrier against infectious organisms.

Right now, the sand is blowing through the tent, a textured breeze and nearby other bloggers are typing away to post on the official Racing the Planet site. I feet at home now, working in the desert, practicing medicine, and blogging like a real blogger.

thanks for reading
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The Stanford Emergency Room is the center of emergency care at Stanford University.