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Menopause Corner
Menopause Corner

Wendy Hoffman blogs about menopause and women's health—particularly focusing on how diet and nutrition can positively affect a woman's life around the age of menopause.

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Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome!  This is my debut blogpost on Healthline, and I’m delighted to join the growing community of bloggers and health experts in such an informative and thoughtful forum. 

I’ve been researching and writing about Menopause since 2007 on my blog, MenopauseThe Blog. It was the beginning of my own menopause journey signaled by all the symptoms that come with mid-life and hormonal changes. If you’re reading this, you probably know what I’m talking about: insomnia, hot flashes, mood swings, foggy brain, joint pain and weight gain, which for some women is the most egregious.

Like most people looking for answers on health matters, I began my research online. I soon realized that there’s such a thing as too much information. Five years ago, a search query on Menopause brought up two or three million pages. If that wasn’t overwhelming enough, consider that a Google search today will result in more than 40 million. Despite the volume of information, however, I found much of it to be overly simplistic, or contradictory.

So I put on a reporter’s hat and started attending leading medical conferences. I interviewed physicians, researchers and book authors. I attended seminars and webinars. I began connecting online with other information seekers and I soon uncovered the real gems for reliable information. Everything I learned I posted on my blog. I wanted to share these resources with other women because, after all, why should every woman have to discover the facts about menopause on her own?

It’s in this spirit that I begin this new Healthline blog. Consider me your trusted information sherpa bringing busy people - like yourself - bite-sized, digestible summaries of the most interesting and reliable information out there. I’ll try to make sense of all the confusing and often contradictory research findings that can leave women frustrated and confused about treatment options. I’ll tell you which new books or articles are worth reading and recommend healthful products that are worthy of your consideration. And I will share some practical advice that I’ve learned and benefited from in my own journey through the menopause transition. 

I’ve learned not to underestimate how lifestyle factors - such as diet, exercise and even sleep habits - can impact the quality of our lives now and for decades to come.  For example, sleep deprivation, whether caused by chronic insomnia or over-scheduled lives, is a huge problem for women in menopause.  Too little sleep causes or exacerbates memory problems, hot flashes, weight gain, high blood pressure and mood disorders. In future blogposts, I will be sharing great tips on how to get a better night’s sleep.

I’ve also learned, as another example, that there are some unwelcomed changes that we really can’t avoid. Belly fat is one of them. It’s just a fact of life that during the menopause years, our metabolism changes and body fat gets redistributed to the abdomen. It happens so fast, yet getting rid of it is like chiseling cement. I look forward to sharing my investigations into the cause of belly fat and what you can do about it.

Count on me to weed out the best and most useful information to help you get through the menopause years with ease. 

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About the Author

Wendy writes about women's health in midlife.