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Embryo Adoption

One of the joys of being in assisted reproductive technology is the benefit we provide to those who might not been able to otherwise have a family. One of the wonderful programs that, we, as well as other fertility clinics provide is an embryo adoption program. Embryo adoption is the adoption of embryos that have been frozen by patients. These patients have decided not to use them, and instead chose to donate them to our embryo adoption program. Once adopted, these embryos are then treated as if they were the recipient couple or individual' own frozen embryos.

As far as cost goes, there are typically administrative and transfer fees associated with the process. Where I practice, we make these embryos available to our patients who have had unsuccessful in vitro fertilization cycles. Our embryo adoption process is limited to our patients, however, if you are not a PFC patient the following website may be able to assist you in finding an embryo from other locations: http://www.ihr.com/infertility/provider/embryo-adoption.html.

Often when patients have completed their IVF cycle, they have extra embryos. In addition to keeping the embryos frozen, patients have the option of discarding the embryos or donating them to research. Embryo disposition is a very interesting topic and there are many different scenarios. Please drop me a line if you would like to discuss this matter.
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About the Author

Dr. Herbert is a fertility expert and an innovator in the field.