Is Marriage the Answer to a Longer Life? Probably Not.

Study finds that married men and women live longer.

Couple mountain biking.If you’re married, it’s time to love your spouse a little more because he or she may be keeping you alive.

Even when things seem difficult, trying, taxing, and mind-blowingly confusing, you really should be thankful for all that your spouse does for you.

If you’re a bit bitter or cynical about marriage, check this out:

A review of 90 studies over the last 60 years by researchers at the University of Louisville found out two startling facts:

  • Married men typically live 17 years longer than single men.
  • Married women tend to live 15 years longer than single women.

Sure, being single can, at times, make you feel happier and freer, but the data suggests that it doesn’t equate to a longer life.

Basically, people who never marry are more likely to die at a younger age, for one reason or another. Researchers speculate some causes of longer married lives are the better health benefits, larger income, and more public assistance that married couples tend to receive compared with singles.

The lifelong partnerships also seem to foster an overall healthier lifestyle. Being married means that there’s more social support at home, someone to share stressful responsibilities with, and someone to celebrate achievements with.

As far as mortality is concerned, a study from earlier this year shows that married men are more likely to go to the hospital, especially during a heart attack, than single men. Married people get to the hospital an average of 30 minutes sooner during a cardiac event because typically someone was around to call the ambulance.

Now, I’m nearly 30, but I’m not married, something my mother has come to terms with (for now). I am, however, in a serious relationship with a lovely woman who has brought health into my life in more ways than one.

My girlfriend has me seeing a doctor regularly, taking vitamins and supplements, eating better, and even doing yoga. These are all things I wouldn’t have done myself, but with her coaxing I’ve taken a more active care in my health because she wants me healthy…because she loves me.

I can live with that, and with that kind of treatment, I’ll live a lot longer. But if I were a staunch believer of the study, I’d be dropping to one knee instantly to save both of our lives.

While I’m neither a doctor nor a scientist, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work that way,

The data suggests that if you’re willing to endure the hard parts of a relationship, the benefit could be an extra decade on your life.  Then again, a bad marriage could be worse for your health.

I say we should love and take care of those we’re with, whether they are friends, lovers, neighbors, or co-workers because they too can enrich our lives

No matter who you’re with, remember that you’re going to have bad days. There will be fights. You’ll make mistakes. Someone is going to forget something important. You’ll say the wrong thing. Little things will get blow out of proportion. 

But with honesty, love, compassion, understanding, and other important qualities for a solid relationship, you’ll keep those you love healthy, nuptials or not.

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