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From Womb to World
From Womb to World

Kristy provides support for pregnant and laboring mothers and for transitioning families after the birth of their baby.

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Pregnancy and Self Esteem

During pregnancy I find that sometimes I’m on a roller coaster with my self esteem and emotions.

I have moments of grandeur when I feel like I am strong and can do anything. My power as a mother lifts me up and encourages me in my daily endeavors. I am able to attack the hardest days with a fierceness that can only come from my innermost being. I feel like the instinct to protect my baby as it grows inside of me gives me more strength. This newfound force gives me courage to tackle long-overdue projects and to try my hand at new ventures.

The excitement of being pregnant and becoming a mother to this child gives me a big boost. A journey of self discovery as this “new” person keeps me moving forward. I find out new things about myself and organize my virtues into categories; those that should be nurtured and reinforced, and those that I need to let go of. Finding ways to surrender old habits that are unhealthy or no longer fit my life frees up space to take on healthier practices and create a well balanced lifestyle. I find this time is a great opportunity to foster these urges and reconstruct myself.

Then there are the moments when I question myself. When almost everything seems unmanageable or overwhelming. I feel as though my decisions lack the confidence necessary to carry them through.  Parenting becomes almost frightening in these instances. Things take on an urgency — they need to be figured out and fixed immediately, rather than achieved contently or let go of. Anxiety tends to creep in, reawakening the perplexity of self discovery, but in a negative light. I look at my body disapprovingly, and find things with myself, my home, and my life to be unhappy with. It’s easy to get caught in being overly analytical and negative. There are many people who are ready to jump on that bandwagon with me. "Misery loves company,” as they say.

I have always found it interesting that so many people feel justified in approaching pregnant mothers with unsolicited advice and stories of childbirth gone wrong. It’s times like these when I need a little encouragement from other wise mamas, and to create time where I can sit quietly and find my inner strength. I need reminders on the beautiful life before me and the wonderful baby I am creating inside of me.

Largely, however, I start to feel more confident as I settle into the role of mother and prepare to care for my child. It just may take some more reflection and being present in the moment. This is a time to celebrate; both me and baby!


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Tags: Pregnancy , Personal Time

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Kristy is a highly trained and experienced Doula and Childbirth Educator.

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