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From Womb to World
From Womb to World

Kristy provides support for pregnant and laboring mothers and for transitioning families after the birth of their baby.

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Finding Your Power In Pregnancy

Halloween can be an exciting time for kids as well as adults. It gives us an opportunity to take on other personas,  live out fantasies of being someone magical or heroic and just be completely carefree and silly. Let's face it, we don't have many opportunities to role play and indulge in a character of our choosing. But let me remind you that the heroic and magical parts are actually already a part of you. This I have learned.

While taking my three-year-old to preschool for his class Halloween party, I told him that he was the best dragon ever and continued pouring on the compliments. He then said to me, "Mama it's me, Superman Rowan. This is just a dragon costume, see?" 

Yes, like many other little boys he is fascinated with Superman. He has never seen a show, movie, comic, or even a Superman toy. But when he was two I had bought him a vintage Superman tee shirt that he adores and refuses to part with. Since then he has taken on the ability to fly and rescue anyone from any type of danger. He reminds me regularly, like when the baby is crying from toppling over or stuck under a chair he crawled beneath, that it's ok because he is superman Rowan and he can help him. There are plenty of times he comes to the rescue; more often with hugs, smiles and giggles then super powers.

What fascinates me and is something I feel we can all learn from: my son's true belief that he is superman. (Thank goodness he hasn't tried to test all of his powers.) With labor and birth it can be such a mind game. We are told so many things and there are certain things that just stay with us and fuse in our minds. For example, if we believe labor is painful and focus on that, even if unconsciously, then it will be painful. If we think we can't do it, we can't have a natural birth or we can't push our baby(s) out, then we just may not be able to. The mind is a very powerful organ and tool.

Think about all the things you have accomplished in your life. Even the smallest of milestones are great successes. A lot of them happened due to your belief in yourself as well as others believing in you. There has to be a trust in labor; in the process, in yourself, in your body and in the baby for it to really happen with ease. Follow the natural rhythm of the body as it ebbs and flows with the surges (contractions). Find a focal point that will help you get into your power place and place of serenity and allows you to stay present with the baby. The power that you have within is more than enough to get you through the process successfully, joyfully, and healthfully. Don't let mind games take you out of yourself and into the chaos, fear or pain. Help train your mind with meditation, breathing and even hypnobirthing to stay grounded, calm, empowered and able!

You can do this. You are doing this. You are Supermom.                      

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Tags: Motherhood , Preparing for Labor

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Kristy is a highly trained and experienced Doula and Childbirth Educator.