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Diet Diva

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Your Daily WOW!

WOW Your Day!I just started working with Jamba Juice, and I really love one of their key messages.  They want everyone to have a “Daily WOW!” Put some WOW in your NOW!  (They even have ambassadors of WOW!).

Isn’t that fun?  Ever since I heard that, I try to think every day, “What’s my WOW going to be today?” It’s sort of like the gratitude journal. You think back on your day and ponder what you’re grateful for that day. Now I think about what “WOW’d” me every day.

As you probably know if you’re a regular reader of my blogs, I’m not a food cop kind of dietitian, but rather one who looks for the positive. I’m always looking for ways to add positive messages to nutrition instead of taking enjoyment out of life.

Here is my challenge to you: 

Find your WOW in each and every day.

And of course I have to put a nutrition spin on it:

Eat a delicious, nutritious food EVERY DAY that makes you say, “WOW, that was really healthy, and what a bonus that it’s good for me!”

Need somewhere to start? Why, Jamba Juice, of course!  Real fruit and veggie smoothies, steel cut oatmeal, fruit and yogurt parfaits, baked yummies…you really can’t go wrong!

So now that you have an assignment, I need reports back!  What are your daily nutritional WOWs? What did you eat today that made you say, “WOW!”?

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