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Whole Grains Photo Contest

Do you love whole grains? Snap a picture of yourself/your family enjoying your favorite whole grain food and submit it to the "I Love My Whole Grains" contest being run by Oldways and the Whole Grains Council. YOu don't have to be in the picture, but make sure your favorite whole grain is predominantly displayed. What can you win?

The grand prize is a week's worth of meals prepared by an award winning chef! First prize winners get cookbooks (including The Oldways Table which I have and is fabulous!) and second prize winners will get a wide selection of whole grain foods.

To be eligible, photos must clearly show a bona-fide whole grain food. One way to prove it's really whole grain: include a product that qualifies to use the Whole Grain stamp. If the whole grain food in your photo does not show the Whole Grain Stamp, add a few words that explains what food you’re emphasizing, so they can make sure you qualify. Your text can be up to 1000 characters.

The competition might get fierce, so get creative. Oatmeal is a great whole grain that you might enjoy, but getting creative with your favorite dish or photo might give you a better chance.

What is a whole grain? Check out this definition or see the list below.

I hope you have fun trying new whole grains and developing a creative photo for the contest! Let me know if you win!!!!

For more information, visit the Whole Grains Council or Oldways
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