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Whole Foods, Healthy Foods?

I have been saying this for years: Just because you bought it at Whole Foods doesn't mean it is "healthy." The roots of Whole Foods is natural, organic, healthy food. But over the years they have gotten very upscale (hence the nickname Whole Foods, Whole Paycheck!). With the high price came high calories and food that is more indulgent.

Word out on the street is that Whole Foods is going to get back to their roots. They have started an employee health program to enhance the health of those working there internally. In addition, the CEO John Mackey says he is committed to letting health lead the theme of the store (instead of indulgence). They will be providing nutrient density labeling which will help guide customers to see how many nutrients are in foods per volume of food. They already have an amazing green mission that they have been committed to for years (before it got all trendy).

I personally am thrilled to see this. I love shopping at Whole Foods but I often purchase something from the hot bar or deli area only to take a bite and realize that it is way too rich to be reasonable in calories. I hope they make over a lot of the recipes for the salad and hot bars as well as take-out foods. No worries...I am sure there will still be some indulgences, but hopefully there will be a whole lot more lower calorie options that are just as tasty!

By the way, Whole Foods has a great website with lots of good nutrition info. Check them out:


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