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Diet Diva

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What Can You Cook on a Food Stamp Budget

This is th
e exact task posed to 2 chefs and a food magazine editor: feed a family of 4 for 7 days, 3 meals a day, on a food stamp budget. A family of four has a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as food stamps) budget of $68.88 for the week. In all fairness, food stamps are not intended to provide all food, it is a supplemental program to supplement food dollars for a family.

Read the entire article to find out how the chefs did with this tight budget. All of them bought food that was not processed or packaged and stuck to raw ingredients. These chefs obviously know exactly what to do with these raw ingredients, but unfortunately many people don't know how to cook.

5 Tips for cooking on a tight budget:
  1. Use leftovers creatively. Food wasted is money wasted.
  2. Purchase in bulk---but only if you will use all of it before it goes bad.
  3. Learn how to cook so you don't have to rely on as many convenience foods.
  4. Eat more beans and less meat. Beans are protein and much less expensive than meat.
  5. Watch the sales and clip coupons! Go online to find coupons for your favorite foods.
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