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Weighing in for School

New York is the latest state to join 12 other states (Arkansas, Texas, California, Florida, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia) in requiring students to get their height and weight measured. New York is adding this to the student health certificate which is mandatory for attendance at New York schools.

The state health commissioner, Dr. Richard Daines, was quoted as saying, "Whatever you can measure, you can improve. By measuring body mass index, I think we'll see some improvement."

The students will have their height and weight measured in the form of body mass index, or BMI. Numerous studies link being overweight and obese to detrimental health problems even in children.

What do you think about requiring kids to be weighed and measured as a requirement to go to school? Do you think this will motivate students and schools to improve BMI? Or will it have a negative effect on self esteem?

Post a comment with your thoughts!

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