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Way to Go Congressman Ric Keller

Have you seen members of Congress lately? They are losing all over the place...pounds that is! Congressman Ric Keller from the 8th Congressional District in Orlando was a client of mine a few years back (he has given me permission to disclose the fact that I worked with him.) When I met him, he was about 250 pounds. He now will proudly tell you that he has lost nearly 100 pounds. These before and after pictures speak for themselves!

How did he do it?
The old fashioned way! He cut back on junk, started exercising, and cut back on portions. He added healthy snacks between meals. He runs 6 miles every day and eats breakfast every day. He eats smaller meals, especially at dinner. Ric told me he has so much energy now, and he needs it with 4 small children!

Now that Ric has transformed his life, he is working on legislation that will help our children. Childhood obesity rates have tripled since 1980, and it seems to be getting worse. Ric is working hard on getting PE back into schools and the right kinds of foods served to our children. He is a living example of what eating right and exercising regularly can do to improve your life.

You can watch Ric Keller conduct a hearing yesterday before Congress on the importance of the fight against Childhood Obesity.

Way to go, Ric! Please continue to be an example for your constituents and the rest of the country. Help us all fight obesity, especially in our children.

For more information on Ric's Congressional activities on the fight against childhood obesity, visit his website at http://keller.house.gov

Photos courtesy of Ric Keller
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