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Diet Diva
Diet Diva

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Wasteful or Waist-Full?

Being married to a dietitian isn't always the easiest job in the world. My husband Stephen has really been working lately on his portion sizes and I have been encouraging (nicely) him to not finish everything on his plate and to eat from smaller plates at home.

We were chatting about his progress and he told me that he is having a problem with guilt. But this time the guilt is not about what he ate, but rather what he DIDN'T eat! He has been leaving food behind on his plate and feels wasteful.

My question is this:
If you have eaten to satisfaction and there is too much there, where is the extra going to go if you don't eat it? It will either go in a To Go box (or at home Tupperware container), or it will go into the garbage disposal/waste basket. If you do eat it, it will go around your waist.

Which would you rather have?
Waste or Waist?

Stephen has gotten into the habit of taking a can of regular soda and drinking half and dumping the other half out. With food prices at their highest ever, it is hard to swallow (pun intended) dumping something in the trash. But just remember....if it doesn't go into the trash and you can't save it for later, it will just contribute to your growing Waistline!

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