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Diet Diva
Diet Diva

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Want to Be More Productive?

I read a really interesting survey from ComPsych that looked at worker's personal health (diet, exercise, and weight) and their levels of energy, stress, morale, and productivity. Want to know the results? The balanced diet group had 10 times the amount of high energy employees than their fellow workers with unbalanced diets. Very interesting.....

  • 5% of workers with unbalanced diets reported high levels of energy while 50% with balanced diets reported high energy
  • 24% with poor dietary habits reported having high productivity while 73% of employees with healthy dietary habits reported high productivity.
  • 76% of employees with low levels of physical activity reported high stress while 45% of of active employees had high stress
  • 25% of overweight employees reported high morale while 51% of ideal weight employees had high morale levels
  • 26% of physically inactive employees reported high productivity while 66% of active employees were highly productive

Moral of the story? People who maintain a healthy weight, eat right, and exercise regularly tend to have more energy, higher morale, lower levels of stress, and are more productive at work! Which one are you?

Photo courtesy of www.succeedingtoday.com
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