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Update on Fast Food Report Cards

If you read my post on Fast Food being advertised on report cards, you learned about a promotion that one school district in Florida was doing with report card covers. McDonald's was advertising on the report card cover and was also offering free food to children with good grades or good attendance.

An update: McDonald's just announced that they are going to stop offering free fast food for these children. They have also offered to reprint the report card covers to remove their logo. The school district took them up on the offer.

While I do believe that you can find healthy foods at McDonald's and other fast food restaurants, the issue was really involving a reward structure using fast food as a reward for grades. Many parents choose rather to reward with praise and love and try to keep food, especially fast food, out of it.

Our children are bombarded with advertising everywhere, but at least now the report cards they bring home are one less place they will be tempted with fast food.
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