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Diet Diva
Diet Diva

Get advice on healthy eating, nutrition, and weight loss from expert dietitian Tara Gidus. 

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The Art of Keeping Lost Weight off for Good!

woman and scaleOne of the biggest struggles people face in terms of dieting and fitness is how to maintain weight after losing it. Whether you have lost 100 lbs or 10 lbs, you want to make sure you keep that weight from creeping back up. Below are some helpful tips and strategies to help you learn how to maintain weight after losing it.

1) Never skip meals:

Skipping meals can be detrimental to weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight once achieved. Skipping meals slows your metabolism and can also cause problems later on in the day when you become ravenous and want to grab the most convenient and unhealthy food you can find. Skipping meals almost always leads to overeating!

2) Weigh yourself one day a week:

Keeping track of your weight on a regular basis is helpful when you want to maintain the weight you have lost. You don’t have to jump on the scale every day, but once a week is helpful in the management of your weight.

3) Drink lots of water:

Water is crucial to weight loss. Water keeps you hydrated, full of energy, and your metabolism to be constantly working.  

4) Get plenty of exercise:

Exercise is critical for weight control. Exercise is a very important way to keep the weight off. Incorporating 30-60 minutes of cardio and strength training three to five days a week is helpful in maintaining fat loss.

5) Eat a variety of food choices:

Choosing from a large variety of food choices will eliminate boredom and binge eating. Include choices such as whole grains, all fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources, low fat dairy foods and healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts and avocado.

6) Always eat breakfast:

Skipping breakfast is one of the most harmful things a person can do for their metabolism. Breakfast is the first meal of the day that supplies energy to a body that has been in a fasting mode for nearly 12 hours. When breakfast is not eaten, your body moves into starvation mood and you are basically running on fumes. This causes you to over eat later, which in turn can result in more weight gain.

7) Track your intake:

Those who track their intake throughout the day often lose the most weight and keep it off. If you are tracking on a smart phone app, you always know how quickly calories are adding up throughout the day.

8) Limit empty calorie foods

Foods such as sweets, fast food, and alcohol should be consumed in moderation. Your focus should be on getting adequate amounts of nutrient dense foods to give you more bang for your buck!


Following these principles will help you keep that weight off forever!

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