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Diet Diva
Diet Diva

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Thanksgiving Hangover

It is so nice to have some extra days off to enjoy family or do some holiday shopping, isn't it? It is almost too nice and I don't want to go back to work again on Monday. These days after Thanksgiving often feel like a hangover not from alcohol, but food! We ate a lot on Thursday, and those pesky leftovers keep calling us back to the refrigerator. We will get back to the office next week and the holiday food gifts and homemade treats will start appearing in break rooms all over America. We have a few food-filled weeks between now and Christmas and it is difficult to get through them without feeling like you need to be rolled into the New Year.

  1. Increase activity. You know you are going to eat more these last 5 weeks of the year. Increase how much you move through daily activity (shopping!) as well as planned exercise. Time is tight for everyone at this time of the year, but don't let your exercise time be taken away.
  2. Choose wisely. When I am at a party or buffet situation, I survey the entire spread of food before committing to what I am going to eat.
  3. Take small portions. Take the smallest slice available or cut it in half so you don't have too much and you can try more items. As a host or hostess, cut things in small pieces for the same reason.
  4. Pass it by. Don't go into the break room at work if you know there are tempting treats in there. Be strong and avoid overexposure to these tempting foods!
  5. Cook smarter. You may not have control over how everything is made at parties and restaurants, but when you are making your own recipes, cut corners with fat and calories as much as possible using lower calorie substitutions.
  6. Focus on friends and family. These holiday parties are not just about the food! Focus on reconnecting with people you only get to see once a year or engage in conversations with new people you just met.
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