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Ten Ways to Celebrate Food Day

A graphic for Food Day - more info at foodday.orgHave you heard of Food Day? Everyone will be celebrating a day dedicated to food on October 24th this year. The mantra for food day is “Eat Real”, and it’s something I support whole-heartedly.

Eating real, whole food is a predominant element of a healthy diet. It’s a back-to-the-basics style of eating centered around fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, dairy, and whole grains. It involves cooking at home, savoring meals together, and appreciating the taste of good food. 

Here are 10 fun ways to celebrate Food Day. 

  • Pour out the soda, and guzzle water to stay hydrated. 
  • Eat better-for-you whole grains instead of refined grains like white bread. 
  • Get creative in the kitchen. Add to the fun by making it a themed party, like Taco Tuesday or Meatless Monday!
  • Plant an herb garden! Herbs are a great way to liven up your dishes without adding too much salt.
  • Build a better salad. There's no better way to get your greens, in my book, than crafting a yummy salad. Top spinach and mixed greens with salmon or a hard-boiled egg, broccoli, cucumbers, olives, bell peppers, and reduced fat feta cheese.
  • Become a food label pro. Did you know the ingredients are listed from greatest to least? Make sure the first ingredients are good-for-you foods and the list is small with familiar words. Also pay attention to calories, serving size, sodium, and sugar.
  • Join in on the 5-a-day challenge. Do you think you eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day?
  • Visit the farmer’s market and talk with the farmer. See what they say by asking questions about the food, how it’s grown, or the best way to eat it—you never know what you could learn.
  • Attend or host a Food Day event in your city.
  • Gobble up seasonal produce. Choosing foods that are in season are more likely to taste better and be budget friendly, too!

To learn more about food day, visit www.foodday.org. How will you celebrate Food Day this year?

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