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Diet Diva

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Superfood of the Week: Peaches

a freshly cut peachWhile the summer months produce an abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables, one that often comes to mind that I cannot get enough of is peaches. With their fuzzy coats, this round and versatile fruit is full of nutrients and is worthy of being my superfood of the week!

As we all know, fruits and vegetables are all rich in antioxidants, some more so than others. Peaches happen to be rich in flavonoids and two polyphenols known as:

These are two active components for destroying cancer cells. While these two phenols are present in many fruits, they are especially high in peaches.

Peaches are a low fat, low calorie fruit. Did you know that a medium peach is only 40 calories?  They are small enough to fit into your purse, your desk drawer, or your lunch box. If you have an apple a day, why not have a peach a day? They provide you with:

Peaches are in season right now, and here in Florida we can easily get sweet and juicy Georgia peaches. Even visiting the farmer's markets you will see an abundance of them. So how do you know if you are getting a great peach? You have to consider the following:

  • Smell: Your nose does not lie! A fragrant smell means excellent flavor!
  • Firm Flesh: Your peach should be firm, but not mushy.
  • A little give to the touch: When you squeeze the sides, the peach should give a little.

I love adding peaches to dishes! They just add that little bit of sweetness I am looking for. Try spicing up your meals for your family by incorporating them into meals like:

What’s your favorite way to eat a peach?

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