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Super Spice of the Week: Cinnamon

A bunch of cinnamon sticks Are you looking for more creative ways to spice up your cooking and add flavor to your dishes? As mothers and the prominent chefs of the house, we are always looking for ways to make our food taste better or to get our children to eat the foods that are good for them.

Spices and herbs make our food taste great and are can also decrease the fat content of meals by using them in place of other, fattier ingredients. Spices also double the amount of antioxidants you can get from certain meals. Such is the case with cinnamon, making it my super spice of the week!

Cinnamon has one of the highest antioxidant levels of any spice -- and even a lot more than many foods out on the market today. The distinctive flavor of cinnamon adds a fragrant and sweet hint to many of our favorite dishes. It’s crazy to think that just one teaspoon of cinnamon is the equivalent of ½ cup of blueberries and one cup of pomegranate juice! Just think how easy it is to add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon to dishes!

Beyond antioxidants, cinnamon is also rich in natural compounds called polyphenols. Most of the recent research out today has shown that these compounds are the ones that may act like insulin in our bodies to help regulate blood sugar levels. This is why cinnamon is recommended to diabetics. You may think cinnamon only works on oatmeal or pancakes, but think again! Cinnamon can really kick up the flavor in your favorite desserts, meats, soups, and side dishes. Add some spice to your next meal with these great recipes:

For more recipes and more information on “Spices for Health,” visit McCormick’s website!  

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