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Super Food of the Week: Onions

One of my favorite foods to cook with and a great way to enhance flavor is with onions. Onions are the foundation to many recipes and almost always one of the first ingredients to go into my pan at home. Raw or cooked, onions add a ton of flavor and nutritional benefits to make a perfect dish for your family!

Onions are a low calorie, fat free food that offers a wide variety of health benefits. One cup of raw onions contains 64 calories and is a great source of fiber and vitamin C. Their flavor can range from sweet to sharp depending on the type of onion, season of growth, and preparation method.

Here are some fun facts about onions you may not have known about!

  • Yellow onions are an all purpose cooking onion and the best choice for caramelizing
  • White onions are great for use in salsa’s, on chili, in guacamole, in tacos, or in tomato sauces
  • Red onions are the best choice for grilling, boiling, and roasting. I love grilled onions on hamburgers!
  • During the spring and summer, onions only have a shelf life of 30-60 days due to the higher water content, whereas during the fall and winter, onions have a lower water content and can be stored for 30-180 days
  • Research suggests that white fruits and vegetables may help protect against strokes, while the allium family (onions, garlic, leeks, chives, and scallions) may help reduce the risk of stomach cancer
  • Research has also suggested that onions may help improve bowel function and boost immunity.

Even though they sometimes make me cry, onions versatility and unique flavor makes them one of my favorite super foods! Plus I love the fact that they are seasonal meaning you can purchase them year round and they are always in season!

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