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Summer Sipping

It is hot out there in the middle of July. What are your kids drinking? A recent survey found that moms report their kids drinking fruit drinks (56%) and slushies (43%) as their top summertime drinks. Unfortunately both of these don't have much nutritional value (remember, this is fruit drinks, not 100% real fruit juice).

According to the survey, moms want healthier options for their kids than these sugary beverages with no nutritional value. And of course I have a suggestion!

How about a smoothie made with milk and fresh or frozen fruit?

Do you notice that your grocery bill goes up in the summertime? The kids are home more so for many families this is true. Milk is a good value at less than 25 cents per 8 oz glass. Per gallon, milk offers more nutrients per penny than almost any other beverage option. Milk is one of the most nutrient rich beverages a mom or child could ask for with calcium, vitamin D, protein, vitamin A, and potassium. Remember, I was born and raised in Wisconsin, so I love all things dairy!

Here are some links you may like:

Smoothie recipes from www.whymilk.com. And if you are just thinking of the usual strawberry banana smoothie, check these flavors out: Peanut butter split, Mom's mocha indulgence, Apple brown betty, Vanilla banana almond (mmm....), and avocado mango. Get creative!

Compare the nutritional value of a quarter's worth of milk to a variety of other summertime favorites.

Tips on how to manage grocery bills.
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