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Diet Diva

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Summer Olympic Games

Have you been watching the Olympics? We are only 2 days into it, but I am already inspired! I watched the opening ceremony Friday night and was awed by the huge number of amazing athletes. I love hearing the personal stories of the athletes. It is incredible to think about the time, energy, and dedication it takes to be an Olympian.

I have also listened with interest to the reports of banned substance testing. Michael Phelps, Dara Torres, and others are offering themselves to additional specialized testing to prove that they have not done anything illegal or against IOC regulations. Dara Torres is an inspiration to everyone. Not that 41 is even close to over the hill, but we could all wish to have those abs in our 40's!

As a sports nutritionist, I can't help but wonder how they are all doing with their diet. Athletes often deal with "nervous stomach" before competition. I have heard reports that some of the swimmers have had some digestive problems, and I can't help but feel especially sorry for them...once you get into that new Speedo Fastskin LZR suit, there is not getting out of it fast for a bathroom stop!

Join me in cheering on Team USA in every sport!

Photo of Dara Torres courtesy of washingtonpost.com
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