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Summer Berries

Now that summer is here, so are some of the best fruits. Berries are such a great treat in these summer months. And, they are loaded in antioxidants! They are low in calories and have virtually no fat or sodium. A cup of many berries are less than 100 calories and so refreshing.

Berries are very dark fruits, and it is the dark colors (red, blue, purple) that give them much of their benefit. The antioxidants in berries protect our cells from oxidative damage and can protect against heart disease and cancer, boost our immunity, and slow many signs of aging. These antioxidants also protect our brains. And of course berries are in fiber, so they help our digestive tract, too!

Check out this link for the Top 10 Berry Health Tips from Driscoll Berries.

Blueberries and blackberries are the highest in antioxidants with cranberries, strawberries, and raspberries not far behind. Blackberries are the highest in fiber.

Another benefit: Kids LOVE berries! This is a great way to get your kids to get a few of their servings from the fruit/vegetable requirement. They won't put up a fight if you offer them a nice dish of fresh, juicy, delicious berries! If they do, here are some tips for getting kids involved in eating berries.

Get creative with your berries. Of course you can eat them in a bowl alone or with a dollop of whipped cream, but you can also add them to so many dishes.
For more information, recipes, and tips on using berries, check out the Driscoll Berries website.
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