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Sugar in Kid's Cereals

I believe I have stated in my blog before that my husband's favorite cereal is Lucky Charms and now my 2 year old asks for Lucky Charms for breakfast sometimes. Am I embarrassed as a dietitian that my 2 year old eats sugary cereals? I am not. While Lucky Charms does contain some sugar, it also contains whole grains and numerous essential vitamins and minerals. And it may contain less sugar very soon.

General Mills just announced that they are making an effort to reduce the sugar even further in the cereals advertised to children to single digits of grams of sugar per serving. In the grand scheme of things, the sugar in cereals is not that much compared to how much sugar they are getting in so many other foods. In fact, ready to eat cereal (including pre-sweetened cereals) only account for 5% of the sugar in kid's diets.

Remember a few years ago when GM announced that they were making all cereals with whole grains? They have at least 8 grams of whole grain in all of their cereals and many have 16 grams of whole grain.

Now if I can only get the 2 year old to eat all of the cereal and not just the marshmallows he will actually GET some of that whole grain! ;-)

For more info, check out www.cerealbenefits.com

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