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Spring Cleaning: Cleaning Your Pantry

A cleaned pantry.
It’s that time of year again: Spring Cleaning! It’s the time every year to rid yourself of the old and bring in the new. Maybe you’re clearing out old clothes, papers and electronics…but what about food? Make your spring-cleaning not only a purge of old things, but unhealthy or old foods as well. Re-stock with fresh produce and whole foods and revamp your life from the inside out.

For an effective spring-cleaning try the following tips:

Out With the Old

Clear your fridge and cabinets of expired foods. Look over your items and check the dates to prevent mold and possible illness. Restock older items and enjoy a fresher taste with your newly bought food. Check out these handy guidelinesl to know when it’s time to throw something out—you’ll be shocked! I guarantee you’ve got stuff in your fridge and pantry that is WAY past its prime!

Choose Whole Foods

Join the revival of cooking! Make food from scratch from whole ingredients so you can avoid the loads of highly processed food we typically eat every day. Homemade rules!

Choose Low-Fat

Notice regular-fat products in your fridge such as milk and yogurt? Try replacing these with low-fat or fat-free versions for less calories and fat.

In With the New:  Eat a Rainbow

If you open your fridge to mostly see beige or white, spice it up with some produce. Try out a local farmer’s market and stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables to add to every meal.

Whole Grain Over Refined Grain (Dark Over Light)

Looking to add more fiber and nutrients to your diet with one easy swap? Replace white and refined grains with whole wheat. Choose whole grain bread, rice, pasta, and cereal over refined for added health benefits.

With these simple tips your kitchen will get a spring-cleaning makeover in no time. Now that your pantry is made over, string up your athletic shoes and jog into spring with a bountiful stock of nutritious foods!

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