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Diet Diva

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Shake the Salt Habit

Do you love salty snacks but worry about getting too much sodium? Have you noticed that many of your favorite snacks are coming out in a lower sodium version?

The American diet as a whole is getting higher and higher in sodium, but some food manufacturers are offering a solution for lower sodium snacks.

Frito Lay has introduced a new line called "Pinch of Salt." Their Ruffles Potato Chips, Lay's Potato Chips, Fritos Corn Chips, and Tostitos Tortilla Chips are all just 75 mg of sodium per one ounce serving. I have tried the Pinch of Salt Fritos and Tostitos and both are fabulous. You would never know the difference if you did a blind taste test.

Orville Redenbacher has reduced the sodium in all of the Smart Pop varieties....I bet you didn't even notice! While Frito Lay is advertising that they are lower in sodium (and still have the higher sodium version available), Orville just cut the salt in the whole line. I LOVE Orville Smart Pop and now that it is lower in sodium...even better! I also love the fact that it comes in 100 calorie bags!

Kudos to Frito Lay and to Orville for offering reduced sodium snacks that taste great!

If you want more information on healthy snacking, check out this website: www.licensetosnack.com

Image courtesy of Orville Redenbacher
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