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Seeing Stars

There may not be as many fruits to pick from throughout the winter, but the ones available are pretty darn amazing. Carambola, also known as starfruit, is one of my very favorites. It makes a great snack, but its unique sweet-tart flavor and crunchy texture also blend well with just about everything, from oatmeal to sandwiches (if you like adding grapes to chicken, tuna, or tofu salad you’ll love carambola in its place)!

And because it’s so gorgeous, it makes a fantastic garnish. After cutting (into its natural star shape) I’ll make a small slit and slide a slice onto a glass of water or iced tea. Carambolas are a good source of potassium (which helps control blood pressure) and vitamin C (boosts the immune system), and one cup (about 1 fruit) contains just 40 calories.

Ok, time for today’s fun facts:
-Star fruit flourishes in Florida (lucky me!) but is also grown in Hawaii
-Carambolas are also known as coromandel gooseberries
-Carambolas are over 90% water
-Starfruit is one of my kitty’s nicknames (each cat has dozens of “pet” names, most of which are food-derived)

P.S. If you’ve been told to follow a low oxalate diet or have kidney problems, you should NOT eat starfruit.
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