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Sandwich Makeover

Tips to make your sandwich healthier.

A healthy turkey sandwich.Remember Joey from Friends? I can’t think of sandwiches without thinking of Joey! Mmmmm…..sandwiches! 

One of the staples of the American diet: the sandwich. It’s perfect for a quick, easy meal, and with so many varieties you’ll never get bored! Sandwiches can provide adequate health and nutrition, but with the many options available, sandwiches can also set people up for diet failure. White bread, rolls, and high-fat meat, cheese and mayonnaise quickly add up calories and fat, and can be detrimental to our health.

To break this trend, try giving your sandwiches a makeover with the following tips:

Choose whole wheat bread and rolls over white.

White and refined breads provide little nutritional benefit and have been linked to disease and weight gain. For a healthier option, choose whole wheat bread, which provides fiber and nutrients to aid in optimal health.

Replace the mayonnaise.

Using high fat condiments, such as mayonnaise, increases the calories and fat of your sandwich, with 1 tbsp. providing 90 calories and 10g of fat! To keep calories and fat at a minimum, replace with mustard or hummus, which will provide protein to keep you satisfied. If you love mayo, use light or fat-free versions.

Choose low-fat meat and cheese.

Lean meats, such as turkey and chicken, are lower in calories and fat while still providing the same amount of protein as other meats. Roast beef and ham can also be very lean. Steer clear of salami and bologna. Also aim for choosing low-fat cheese over regular.

Add veggies!

Adding vegetables to your sandwiches increases both the bulk and nutrition with added nutrients and satisfaction. To spice up your sandwich, try adding cucumbers, pepper, spinach, sprouts, carrots, or onion. For a hearty sandwich, you can also add avocado, which will provide a dose of healthy fats.

Sandwiches can be nutritious and fun. To improve your sandwich-making skills, try these simple tips and you’ll be eating healthier in no time! 

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