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Diet Diva

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Road Trip

Hello again! I have not posted in a week because I was on vacation and freed myself from internet and email. I brought my computer along intending to write posts and keep in touch with my email, but my husband convinced me to really actually take a vacation from work! It was nice to actually be free from the computer.

We traveled to visit friends in the mountains to view the fall colors. Living in Florida, I miss seeing the leaves change and the crisp air. Our first stop was in Cumming, Georgia. Cumming is about an hour north of Atlanta and is a short drive from the mountains. Even though it was rainy, we still had a nice drive and hike around a lake in Unicoi State Park. Since this blog is about food, I will have to mention all of the yummy treats I had. We ate at a fun place in Dahlonega called the Crimson Moon Cafe. I had the Kalamata Greek Salad with falafel added. YUMMY! Our friends cooked dinner that night and we had a great piece of salmon with veggies and brown rice. Nice and healthy. Then we ruined it with a rich piece of homemade tiramisu cake that their neighbor had brought over. My philosophy is life is too short not to have dessert.

We left North Georgia to go to South Carolina then on to Charlotte, North Carolina. Our friends there cooked us some tuna meatballs with pasta and a nice salad of spinach and pears. Who would have ever thought ot make meatballs with fresh tuna instead of ground beef? They were delicious!

We left our friend's house and went on to Asheville. This was our only night in a hotel and not staying with friends, so we had to eat out. What a sacrifice in Asheville. Our lunch was at one of my favorite restaurants, the Laughing Seed Cafe. I visited Asheville several years ago and remember eating there. When a restaurant sticks in your head several years later, you know it was good. The Laughing Seed Cafe is an all vegetarian restaurant with some of the most creative, tasty dishes ever! Our dinner was at a place called Rezaz. I had some yam gnocchi that came with mushrooms and cauliflower and some sauce so incredible I told my husband that if I was at home I would pick up my bowl and lick it clean.

Our last stop was in Tracy City, Tennessee, a small town outside of Chattanooga. Our friends did a lot of the cooking, but we did go to breakfast at the Dutch Maid Bakery that had really good pullapart bread that reminded me of sticky buns growing up.

I hope you enjoyed my culinary highlights of the vacation!
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