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Return to Home Cooking

Because money is not as plentiful as it once was, many people are cutting back on a lot of things...and food is one of them!

These foods saw the following price increases:
  • Milk: 11.6%
  • Eggs: 29.2%
  • Vegetable oils: 8%
  • Bread: 9%
The National Restaurant Association has reported a decrease in restaurant patronage. Why aren't people eating out?
  • High price of gas
  • Food is too high in calories
  • Economy has tightened the wallet
Because people are making those food dollars stretch as far as they can, we are seeing a return to home cooking. People are starting to save money by:
  1. Batch cooking. Cook large amounts of soups, chili, lasagna, casseroles, etc. that will provide a few meals of leftovers for later in the week
  2. Brown bagging it. People like the control they have over what is going into their lunch as well as the cost and time savings from not eating out.
  3. Home entertaining. Pot luck at our house! We have done this in our own home many times in the past few months. It is a great way to get friends together without the cost of high priced drinks and food at a restaurant.
The upside:
  • Cookbook sales are up!
  • Subscriptions to cooking magazines are up!
  • Pasta, canned goods, baking items, and spices sales are up!
  • Cookware sales are up!
For some quick and healthy recipes, check out this link!

Photo courtesy of www.mysecretingredient.net
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