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Diet Diva

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Pouring on the Pounds?

The city of New York is at it again...they were the first to ban trans fat and lead the fight for restaurant labeling of calories on menus. Now they have an ad campaign that is grossing some people out.

The picture above is of a glass of soda being poured into a glass filled with thick, yellow human fat marbled with blood vessels. Cathy Nonas, director of the New York City Health Department's Physical Activity and Nutrition Programs said they wanted to make a statement and grab people's attention. I think they achieved their goal.

Experts estimate that Americans take in 200-300 more calories than we did 30 years ago. Liquid calories are one of the many culprits and the subject of this advertising blitz. The goal is to increase awareness of how many calories and how much sugar is in some of our commonly consumed beverages. The advertisements can be found in New York's subways.

What do you think? Do these images and advertisements motivate you to reduce sugar or would you rather not look at the gruesome image?
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