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Pet Peeves

Stephen and I were at a birthday party today and I was annoyed. It made me think about pet peeves and what annoys me about anything food related. I would love to hear yours!

This one was about timing. I hate it when you go to a party and they wait way too long to serve either the food or the dessert. This party started at 3:30. We left at 7:15 at they still had not served the cake! This happens all the time at weddings. Half the people are gone before they get to cutting the cake. Next time you are hosting a party, be conscious of timing and serve appetizers, the main food, and dessert in a timely manner.

Other pet peeves:

Buffets that don't have labels. With food allergies on the rise and so many people avoiding certain foods (no meat, no seafood, no dairy, no gluten, etc), it is really nice to have a label on every buffet line to disclose it's contents. You can also do this at a potluck if your dish looks unusual or isn't obvious in it's contents.

Talking with your mouth full. I can't believe how many people I have eaten with lately who violate this important rule we all learned when growing up. I am sure I do it, too, but I feel like more and more people are mixing their words with their meatballs and it is quite disgusting. I am going to make an effort to be more conscious of this myself.

Gum chewing. This is the worst one for me. I can remember sitting in 100+ person lecture halls in college and hearing someone cracking their gum from across the room. Gum cracking or chewing loudly (with mouth open) has got to be one of the most annoying habits. Anyone with me? It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. If you love your gum, chew alone or be conscious of those around you. Since this is such a big one for me, I never eat a full piece of gum at a time because I don't want to offend someone else with my gum chewing. By limiting myself to a half piece, the wad is smaller and tuck it back in my mouth without chewing it obnoxiously. Am I weird or does anyone else do that?

Thanks for listening to me vent about my pet peeves. I would seriously love to hear yours. It feels good to get them out!

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