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Overweight to Pay Extra for Insurance

Alabama has the second highest rate of obesity in this country at 30.3% of all in the state obese. Because of this, the state has started a new program with it's state employees.

Alabama will be the first state to charge overweight state workers who don't work on losing weight. The state is offering free health screenings and giving employees a year to see a doctor (for free), get into wellness programs, or work on their own to improve their weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. If they don't improve in that year, they will have to start paying $25 per month for health insurance that is otherwise free.

Alabama already charges workers who smoke, but this will turn attention to a problem that plagues many in the Deep South: obesity. Mississippi is the fattest state in the nation and many believe that the deep south lends to unhealthy eating and a cultural acceptance of being overweight.

Colorado is the leanest state in our nation with the lowest rates of overweight and obesity. Many states and private companies reward their employees for staying normal weight or smoke free. Still others give incentives just for getting their blood pressure and cholesterol screened. Prevention pays!

What do you think? Should people who are overweight/obese have to pay more for health insurance?
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