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Diet Diva

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In, Out, Hot, Not

I remember a time when mystery-ingredient frozen fish sticks, canned soup casseroles, gelatin molds made with fruit cocktail, and powdered drink mixes were very much “in.” Today, chefs are celebrities, America loves the Food Network, and the prepared food selection at mainstream grocery stores includes items like Moroccan spiced salmon, grilled aubergines, pumpkin ravioli, artisanal cheeses, and imported olives. We’ve come a long way baby! And food is continuing to evolve. Fortunately, we seem to be going in the right direction nutritionally speaking (for the most part). According to today’s top food experts, here’s some good news about what’s in and what’s out:

What’s White Hot That’s Healthy:
-Mini desserts (non-diet but portion controlled – perfect, just like in Europe)
-Gelato (a half cup serving provides 100-150 calories vs. 250-300 for ice cream)
-Gourmet coffee (it does provide some antioxidants)
-Dark chocolate (also antioxidant rich with substances that help reduce blood pressure)
-Yogurt (look for brands with live active cultures for a probiotic health boost – more to come on this topic in the future)
-Locally grown foods (check out my previous post on why they’re nutritionally superior)

Say Goodbye and Good Riddance to:
-Soda (it’s not filling, so you won’t eat less if you drink it with a meal, and just 1 can a day you can’t burn off equals a 15 pound weight gain in 1 year’s time)
-Foods containing trans fat (check out my previous post)
-Foods containing high fructose corn syrup (a nutritional villain some blame for contributing to the obesity crisis)

So what do you think? Have your food tastes become more sophisticated? Are you willing to pay more for better quality food? What do you think is hot and on the horizon? Please share your thoughts!

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Sass (locally grown strawberries – yum!)
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