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Diet Diva

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Office Eats

Ok, it’s officially holiday season. And during this time of year, some of the greatest temptations you face may be at the office (homemade holiday cookies, fudge, ribbon candy, brownies, office parties – yikes!). So, today I’m offering up some tried and true tips for getting through the season (at work anyway) without packing on those holiday pounds:

-Ask your office mates to agree to set up a designated “zone” where all the office goodies will go. Keeping treats in one location can help you reduce temptation. If food is out of sight and out of arm’s reach, it may stay out of mind.

-Ask your co-workers to agree to a either a no food gifts pact, or a healthy-only food gifts pact. Instead of chocolates and cookies, give each other healthy fare such as: green tea; fresh fruit; unsweetened dried fruit; unsalted dry roasted nuts; or fresh or dried herbs.

-Use the one splurge rule. There are bound to be plenty of goodies to choose from at the office each day. Pick just one treat per day to indulge your sweet tooth and balance it with healthy meals and snacks you bring yourself. For example, if you bring a salad topped with grilled chicken and light vinaigrette dressing for lunch, and fruit as an afternoon snack, you can enjoy one reasonably sized brownie guilt free.

-Use the buddy system. Ask a health conscious co-worker to be your buddy for the rest of the year. You can eat meals together, carve out 10-15 minutes of your lunch break to go for a brisk walk, and call on each other for support when you’re feeling the urge to overindulge.

photo courtesy of National Cancer Institute
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