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Diet Diva

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Offensive Line

Is it Monday yet? According to a recent survey, 48% of sports fans watch football on TV, 35% say they attend games, and 41% say the Super Bowl is the most exciting championship event of the year (only 3% said World Cup). Clearly, we love this game! But, who says game day food can’t be healthy? Check out this comparison:

4 chicken wings (breaded and fried)
2 slices large hand tossed pepperoni pizza
11 wavy potato chips with a quarter cup onion dip

1,818 calories (most of us need 2,000 per day or less)
106 g fat (most of us should max out at 55-60 g per day)
32 g saturated fat (22 max per day is heart healthy)
366 mg cholesterol (no more than 300 mg per is recommended, 200 if you already have high cholesterol)

3 oz (size of deck of cards) grilled chicken breast
2 slices large thin crust veggie pizza
1 cup fresh grapes
1 cup carrot and celery sticks with a quarter cup roasted red pepper hummus

616 calories (a much more reasonable chunk of a day’s calorie needs)
24 g fat (not quite half of our day’s needs)
8 g saturated fat (about a third of the maximum amount advised per day)
103 mg cholesterol (half to a third of the max daily limit)

So whether you tailgate at the stadium or in your living room, consider kicking off this season with some healthy grub – it’ll keep your heart and your waistline “in bounds” (sorry, I couldn’t resist!).

P.S. Go Bucs!
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