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Obama Too Fit to be President?

I read an article on Friday in The Wall Street Journal that talked about Barak Obama and the fact that he is lean. The article quoted someone saying they "won't vote for any beanpole guy" and the article speculated that because over two thirds of our country is overweight or obese that people may not vote in a thin president. I am in SHOCK!

I cannot believe that people would not vote for someone simply due to the fact that they maintain a healthy weight. Barak Obama is thin, but he is not too thin. We know based on a ton of medical research that being overweight or obese leads to disease. Many people will also admit that being overweight decreases their energy level and leaves them less productive. Obama has reportedly quit smoking, exercises regularly, and eats healthy.

I think having a President who is lean and fit can only be an asset to Americans who do look up to the President as a role model and person of influence. Numerous governors and members of Congress (Ric Keller is one) have lost significant amounts of weight in recent years and these people are focused more than ever on legislation that will help fight this obesity epidemic not only in us as adults, but in our children as well.

If you don't want to vote for Obama for other reasons, that is your choice. But please don't believe for a minute that he is "too fit to be President."

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