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Diet Diva
Diet Diva

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New Year, New You!

I know I said in my last post, that I don't usually set Resolutions but rather think carefully about a few goals I have for the coming year. I know many of you are looking for making some changes in your life to improve your health and lose weight. What better time to start than a New Year?

I think most people fail at meeting their New Year's Resolutions because they think for a few minutes on New Year's Eve and decide what they want to set for their resolution. Then....that is it! They don't spend the necessary time and effort to make a PLAN on how to achieve that resolution. If you are serious about fulfilling your resolution this year, take a few minutes to write out a plan on how that is going to happen.

  1. Why do you want to lose weight? Make a list (actually write it down!) of reasons why you want to lose weight. How is your life going to be different once you lose the weight? How is your attitude, mood, physical size, etc. going to change how you live your life? Everyone has different reasons for wanting to lose weight, but digging deep into yourself to figure out your motivations is key. Losing weight is HARD, and you will not be successful at it unless you see a reason to do it.
  2. What are your barriers? Why is it so hard for you to lose weight? Think about physical reasons (I don't have anywhere to exercise) to psychological reasons (I am addicted to chocolate) to lifestyle reasons (I don't have time right now in my day to cook and exercise). Write down every reason you can think of that is preventing you from losing weight.
  3. Make a plan. Start with the list of barriers and write down ways that you are going to overcome those barriers. Find a gym near your house, talk to your spouse or friend about exercising together, buy some quick and healthy cookbooks, sit down once a week to plan dinner menus, plan what you will pack or purchase for lunch, etc.
  4. Be specific. Be very specific in your plan. You cannot simply just say you are going to start to exercise. You need to write down what time, where, and how you will exercise. You cannot just say you will eat fewer calories. You need to write down specific ways you will cut calories and start to cook healthier foods. The more details you have in your plan, the more successful you will be.

Budget a few hours in your day to create your New Year's Resolution Plan. If weight loss is not a necessary goal for you, then apply the advice above to whatever it is you desire to change (quit smoking, increase exercise, etc).
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